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About Us

The ENIA Firm is a consulting platform that makes it possible for anyone to become a leader, take calculated risks, and establish a clear plan of action to make better business decisions and manifest their overall vision.

Simply put, we collaborate with you to create work that we are proud of for professionals that we believe in. 

Meet Danielle

Founder, B. Danielle Bass, started job hunting during the housing market crash. Jobs were scarce, and enjoying work was the last thing on anyone’s mind. She decided then, the goal was not to find a job, but to help others create fulfilling careers for themselves.


The ENIA Firm was formed in 2013 beginning as a resume service, then pivoted to a business plan service, finally evolving into business coaching. 


Danielle has a knack for turning casual conversations into actionable insights. With over 10 years of finance, business administration, and entrepreneurial experience she has helped countless professionals from all walks of life achieve their career and business goals. 

Education & Experience

Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University 

  • Entrepreneurship, M.B.A. 

  • Finance, B.B.A. 

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent 

  • Licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent


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