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Your loan has just been approved to lease medical space for your new practice and you are not sure where to start, or you have owned your practice for years, but leaving money on the table because your business lacks formal operating systems. The previous two scenarios stem from opposing sides of the same problem. 


How to increase and maintain operational efficiency? 

The key is streamlining business processes to improve patient flow while keeping current with the ever-changing state and federal compliance guidelines. 


Your business consultant will help you expertly manage employees, hire top talent, troubleshoot problems, and improve collections with RESULTS.


Just tell your consultant which scenario best describes your current situation:

  • New Practice Start-up

  • Change in Ownership

  • Multi-Practice Expansion

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Insurance & Financial Planning

Emergency planning is the first step of financial planning and insurance plans allow you to do just that.

Easily protect your family from any form of financial stress in your absence. Insurance works as your safety net preparing for the financial loss that you may incur in any unforeseen event.


There are many types of insurance plans to cover the different types of risks that you may face. Life insurance policies cover the risk of premature death, while health insurance policies can cover doctor visits, medical emergencies and everything in between. 

Your business consultant will help you expertly navigate:

  • Life, Health, and Group Medical Plan Comparisons

  • Guided Reviews of Policy Documents

  • Investment and Financial Planning 


“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” 


In large organizations, needs are sometimes overlooked. Day-to-day operations do not allow the owner or person in charge to devote enough time to correct, or improve struggling areas of the business. Managers overload their star employees who are already stretched. 


Smaller organizations often feel they lack the expertise, and capital resources that their competitors have to successfully compete within the market. 


Your business consultant has expertise in all facets of the hospitality industry, specializing in Food and Beverage, Human Resources, Operations, and Profit Management.


Your business consultant can help you tackle complex challenges with precise focus and execution that can accelerate transformation in your business.

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Real Estate Investment

Buying, selling, leasing, or developing a real estate asset into a profitable venture can be overwhelming. The process is not always as simple as TV makes it. Many questions can arise that dramatically impact the outcome of your investment.


Your business consultant is a “behind-the-scenes” expert who performs extensive research to help guide your decision-making during every step of a project.


This includes visiting the proposed job site, coordinating with local real estate professionals, analyzing market trends, and using a combination of local industry knowledge and the most advanced technology tools. Rather than focusing on a transaction, the main job of your business consultant is to ensure overall investment success for the client. 

Entertainment Industry

Under normal circumstances, artists are extraordinary people who can “hack the attention economy”, but they usually lack the time, skills, or inclination to deal with the “business” of entertainment.


Meet with a business consultant who can help handle the difficult legal and financial decisions that arise when working in the entertainment industry.


Your consultant will customize a financial plan that maximizes your earning potential, and provide expertise to navigate contract negotiations, brand development, and promotional events.

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